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Millennials Desire High-End Goods, but Choose to Purchase Luxury Brands Secondhand
2/6/2018 The Loan Companies
Millennials regularly comparison-shop via the internet, and as a result, come to the astute conclusion that buying luxury brands on the secondhand market yields the best value.
People with Healthy Diets Report Better Brain Health
1/31/2018 AARP
Adults age 40-plus who say they eat healthy foods most of the time are twice as likely to rate their brain health and mental sharpness as "excellent" or "very good" compared to adults who rarely eat a healthy diet (77% vs. 39%).
Top 10 U.S. Cities Where Startups Are Growing
1/23/2018 Robert Half Technology
Startup "hub" is no longer a label for a select few cities in the United States, new research shows. Entrepreneurs are expanding their search for cities with access to skilled technology talent and an attractive quality of life.
Are You Keeping Up With Your New Year's Resolutions?
1/9/2018 Better Sleep Council
While it's no secret Americans struggle each year to keep their New Year's resolutions, one key toward helping them stick to their goals may be right on their pillows. Sleep
The new $80 Super Nintendo is about to launch — here's how you can get one
It's finally here! This is the week when you can buy the Super NES Classic Edition, Nintendo's $80, nostalgia-laced game console.
No New iPhone Yet, Consumers Say That's Ok
6/6/2017 Branding Brand
Apple made no mention of a new iPhone at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote, and it doesn't seem to matter to consumers. Three-in-four loyal iPhone users say they won't buy Apple's rumored 10-year anniversary smartphone.
Retail Sales Up in January: Will This Set the Trend for 2017?
U.S. retail sales rose in January, as people went on to buy electronics and appliances, spend more at restaurants and gasoline stations, and bought a range of other goods.
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Flagstaff, AZ
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Flagstaff, AZ
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Flagstaff, AZ
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Flagstaff, AZ
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Flagstaff, AZ
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Flagstaff, AZ
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