Korolia Violin 4/4 Bridge - Classic / Supreme / Grandiose - Standard 42 mm

Flagstaff, AZ
United States

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Category  Musics

Made from the finest quality maple wood
Hand split from Balkan/Yugoslavian maple
Standard cut, standard height
Korolia violin bridges match the quality of Milo Stamm violin bridges
Korolia violin bridges come in three quality categories - from standard to the best: Classic, Supreme, Grandiose (see description below)
Made in Serbia (formerly Yugoslavia)

Koloria Bridge Guidelines (based on number of lilies drawn on bridge):

1 Lily - Classic Quality: Medulary rays less evident, wider grain

2 Lilies - Supreme Quality: Tight grain with medulary rays.

3 Lilies - Grandiose Quality: Strong medulary rays, very tight grain
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