No New iPhone Yet, Consumers Say That's Ok

Branding Brand
Apple made no mention of a new iPhone at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote, and it doesn't seem to matter to consumers. Three-in-four loyal iPhone users say they won't buy Apple's rumored 10-year anniversary smartphone. While only 2% say they will switch to an Android device, nearly half (45%) won't trade in their current iPhone this year. 27% will buy an iPhone model that already exists.

Leading retail app platform, Branding Brand conducted a consumer survey of 1,000 iPhone owners, June 2-5, 2017, to understand anticipation around the next generation "iPhone 8" and other Apple innovations.

Loyal Customers not Impressed

71% of survey respondents have been an iPhone customer for five years or more. 21% for two-to-four years, and 8% for one year or less.

"Even though the majority of our survey respondents are long-term, dedicated iPhone customers, nearly 70% say they aren't impressed with Apple's iPhone innovation currently," said Chris Mason, co-founder and CEO of Branding Brand.

Excitement for AR and VR

Nearly half (46%) of survey respondents want augmented reality (AR) capabilities featured in Apple's next smartphone. Overall, 24% want Apple to innovate virtual reality (VR) and AR capabilities and hardware.

"From a retail perspective, the biggest news to come out of WWDC was the ARKit, which will give developers and retailers the tools to create exciting augmented reality app experiences, like in-home try on and virtual interior design," said Mason. "Apps are no longer simply an optional way for brands to create amazing digital shopping experiences. The new iOS 11 and features like Business Chat will make apps a necessity and key part of how retailers sell."

When asked about other anticipated iPhone features, 26% of consumers are interested in wireless charging. Only 8% care about an edgeless screen, and 4% want to replace the home button with an in-screen touch sensor.

Apple Watch Still Stagnates

81% say they won't buy an Apple Watch, compared to 83% who said they wouldn't in a similar survey conducted in August 2016.
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