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At Always Ready Cleaning, cleaning is our business. You can trust our team of professional cleaning technicians to do a thorough job in your home or business. Every cleaning service is backed by our 24-hour guarantee and our flat rates will save you money. We are a family owned company that puts a premium on customer satisfaction. So give us a call today to receive a free estimate for your cleaning needs – Always Ready Cleaning, a professional cleaning service.
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1/26/2018 10:05:15 AM
Always Ready Cleaning
Jose Miano
3658 N Rancho Drive
Las Vegas NV 89130
United States
Always Ready Cleaning Jose Miano
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The life and ministry of Jose Miano can be summed up by the priorities that he has committed himself to. As a young man, and a student of leadership, Jose came to the conviction that “we become what we are committed to.” After much prayer and council with other respected leaders he outlined his most important commitments.
A Commitment to Walk with God
This is a commitment that is renewed daily. Since Jesus loved us enough to sacrifice and give His life for ours, Jose believes that it is “reasonable” to give his life and service back to Christ on a daily basis. This commitment to God has proven to be the most beneficial. The love of God is unparalleled and knows no boundaries. God is a rich source of wisdom and gives it freely to those who seek Him.
A Commitment to Love His Family
Jose is a family man. He loves his wife and his children. In life, these relationships are the ones he values most. He is a happily married man and father to 3 children. Together they serve and work to bring God glory. Jose believes that leadership begins at home. “If you can’t properly lead your wife and children, you have no business running a business.”
A Commitment to Grow His Company
In his professional life, Jose has always treated every job as if it were his company. He believes in the value of owning a position – taking full and complete responsibility for making the most of it. This commitment has led him to experience a lot of success:
• As a sales associate in college he led in sales and helped his store become one of the most profitable in California
• As an assistant Pastor in Las Vegas he led his church in breaking all attendance records
• As an assistant Pastor in Fresno he inspired a sense of unity and was instrumental in seeing the church build a new church facility to make room for hundreds
• As an owner of his family’s business, Always Ready Cleaning in Las Vegas, NV, he has successfully opened a second branch in Fresno, California
When you choose to do business with Jose Miano, you are choosing to do business with a man who will commit himself to you and your company.

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