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New York City the World's Most Innovative City
New York topped the 12th annual list of the world's most innovative cities on Tuesday, snatching back the lead from Tokyo and London after embracing a more sustainable lifestyle, start-up economy and new smart technologies in the Big Apple.
More Americans Pay For Internet Video Than Cable or Satellite TV
For the first time, more people pay for a streaming service than subscribe to traditional pay TV, a new survey has found.
Millions of websites using HTTP may be labeled "Not Secure" with July Google Chrome update
Millions of websites that are not encrypted by default may receive security warnings for visitors using Google Chrome in July.
Japan-made AI Robot to Interact with Guests at New Seattle Restaurant
The AI robot will be placed atop tables. The robot was developed to be able to recognize faces, help customers, and make sure communication with the servers goes smoothly.
AI & Robotics to Dominate the Defense Industry
Artificial Intelligence & Robotics are going to dominate the expenditures in de defense market the next decade.
Viewers Rely on Local TV Stations for Breaking News During Hurricane
In Houston, the combined total-day average audience for the ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX affiliates was more than 537,000 households during Hurricane Harvey, a 140% increase vs. the prior week.
Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago are the Smartest Cities in North America
LA, NY, Chicago are the smartest cities, evaluated across LED streetlights, smart meters, renewable energy, electric mobility, smart parking, mobility-as-a-service, vehicle-to-everything technologies, smart waste, and first responder communications.
How Internet is Saving Culture and People Start Paying for Online Content
In just about every cultural medium, digital technology is letting in new voices. And now the business side of culture is changing: People have started paying for online content.
IBM Building Quantum Computers To Process Problems Too Enormous for Traditional Computers
IBM is building new quantum computers to deliver solutions to important problems that are too enormous to ever be processed by classical computers.
Global Collaborative Robots Market to Grow 60% In 2017-2021
At present, collaborative robots are being increasingly adopted by automotive, electrical and electronics and semiconductors, rubber and plastic, and metal processing.
Largest Data Center Building In World Opens Near Reno, NV
Switch is building the largest data center campus in the world just east of Reno-Sparks at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center.
Toyota Hybrids Sales Surpass 10 Million Globally
Toyota announced has achieved more than 10 million cumulative units of hybrid vehicle (HV) sales, including plug-in hybrids, as of January 31.
NV Energy To Build Solar Energy For Apple
NV Energy and Apple announced today they have reached an agreement to build 200 megawatts of additional solar energy in Nevada by early 2019. The projects will support Apple's renewable energy needs for its Reno data center.
Robo-Insurance Agents? Bring ‘Em On, Say Consumers
Seven in 10 consumers around the world would welcome robo-advisory services – computer-generated advice and services that are independent of a human advisor – for their banking, insurance and retirement planning.
Colorado Inches Closer to Hyperloop Supersonic Transport System
Colorado is one step closer to a supersonic transport system with the Hyperloop One, which would zip passengers and cargo along the Front Range at more than 700 mph.
Cybersecurity predictions for 2017
Protecting cloud-based services and industries’ supply chains from cyber threats will become increasingly important in 2017.
Data revolution is big chance for NYC's small businesses
In the past, large multi-nationals like Macy’s and Starbucks have used big data to make strategic decisions for new stores, but smaller retail companies were typically left out.
The Future Is in the Cloud
Cloud computing, or tapping in to rented computer power and data storage over the internet, has existed for more than a decade. It is changing from a consumer phenomenon to one that’s reshaping big business.
Uber Moving Self-Driving Cars from San Francisco to Arizona
Uber is moving its self-driving pilot project to Arizona, one day after the California Department of Motor Vehicles ordered the autonomous vehicles off the roads in San Francisco.
Abdominal Surgical Robot Markets to Reach $12 Billion by 2022
The world market for abdominal surgical robots is at $2.9 billion in 2016. The Robotic surgery equipment industry revenue is projected to increase to $12.9 billion by 2022.
Food Delivery Robots to Hit Washington, DC
Starship's rolling delivery robots will start invading the streets of Washington, D.C. during a test run this fall.
North Dakota Native Launches Drone Business
North Dakota's pioneer drone business Flight Pros to specializes in real estate, promotional videos, and creation of maps and 3-D models.
70 percent of Americans say they’re game to try a self-driving car
The CTA questioned 2,001 people and found that 70 percent of them were ready to test-drive an autonomous car and almost as many were interested in replacing the car they own, lease or rent with a vehicle that drives itself.
New Rules On Prepaid Electronic Payment Cards
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says it will require prepaid card providers to conduct some of the same credit checks and disclosures required of credit card providers. The rule will take effect on Oct 1, 2017.
Robots Enter The Pizza-making Business
A new pizzeria in Mountain View, CA, has started using robots to make pizzas and a truck to bake them on the way to their final destination.