Cybersecurity predictions for 2017

Virginia Business
Protecting cloud-based services and industries’ supply chains from cyber threats will become increasingly important in 2017.

Those are two assessments for cyber threats next year from top executives at cybersecurity firm Telos Corporation. The Ashburn-based company creates and develops cybersecurity solutions and services for global commercial organizations, as well as military, intelligence and civilian government agencies in the U.S. and its allied nations.

As cyber attacks continue to threaten individuals, government agencies, and businesses both big and small, John B. Wood, Telos’ chairman and CEO, and Rick Tracy, chief security officer and senior vice president at the company, provide their predictions on cybersecurity trends for 2017:
• Securing the supply chain is key
• No jeopardy for cybersecurity funding
• Cooperation is essential
• A renewed focus on U.S. Cyber Command
• Cyber insurance needs to mature
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