Largest Data Center Building In World Opens Near Reno, NV

Tesla’s massive battery plant in Northern Nevada has a new neighbor — a supersized data center built by Switch.

Switch, based in Las Vegas, announced it had opened its Citadel Campus in the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center next door to the Tesla Gigafactory.

Reno Tahoe 1, the first of seven data centers to be built on the new 2,000-acre campus, features up to 1.3 million square feet and up to 130 megawatts of power capacity.

At full buildout the project will boast 7.2 million square feet of data center space with a capacity of 650 megawatts of power, Switch announced in a news release. The facility will be powered entirely by renewable energy.

“Switch Tahoe Reno fulfills the vision of Switch founder and CEO Rob Roy to create the largest data center ecosystem in the world for our customers’ mission-critical workloads,” said Adam Kramer, Switch executive vice president of strategy, in the release. “This data center building and campus represents unlimited possibilities for our clients because of its massive scale for power, space and connectivity.”

The Citadel Campus is surrounded by a 20-foot-high, solid concrete wall, creating a “technology fortress that is unsurpassed for security, reliability, connectivity and energy sustainability,” according to Switch.

Combined with the company's other projects, the Citadel Campus helps make the state one of the premier data hubs anywhere, Kramer said.
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