New York City the World's Most Innovative City


MELBOURNE, Australia, Nov -- New York topped the 12th annual list of the world's most innovative cities on Tuesday, snatching back the lead from Tokyo and London after embracing a more sustainable lifestyle, start-up economy and new smart technologies in the Big Apple.

In a first, eleven of the top twenty urban centres of the Innovation Cities Index were in the United States. Rising Singapore (5) saw off a resurgent Paris (6) off strong smart, tech, mobility and infrastructure improvements.

"What really surprised us this year was a United States bounce-back at the top of the league," said Christopher Hire, director of 2thinknow, the commercial data provider which publishes the annual ranking.


Chicago made fifth place for the first time ever, with burgeoning start-ups, innovation seeding across many industries, an innovative food scene and top-ranked universities. The Windy City beat out stalwart and past multiple-year winner, Boston (8th place and home to Harvard University). Boston was honored with being one of the only cities in the global top ten in every year the ranking was published.

"Our Index is designed to measure innovation conditions, and often predicts rising cities before other rankings. Cities that do well every year adapt and transform."

Past-winner Silicon Valley (9) plunged five places at the top of the list, well below a 5-year average of third place. The index scores cities on a broad range of 162 indicators including start-up economy, 13 mobility indicators, sustainability, neighborhoods and technology among others.

Detroit (55) moved up 25 places as the mobility sector became more globally important. Other surprise US rising stars included Louisville, Dayton and San Antonio. Dallas (13), Houston (17) and Austin (34) shone for the Lone Star State.

In Asia, Beijing rose 11 places to 26 from stronger technology. In Australia, Melbourne (11) became number one in Australia, beating Sydney (15), from U.S. interest in global tech.

With Berlin (12), there were only 3 European cities in the top 20, lower than all previous years, although Europe competed with USA for most cities in top 100.

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