Sometimes Work is Best Left at Work

Frere Enterprises

Work can feel all-consuming because of how much time, energy, and thought can go into it, for CEOs and employees alike. People look forward to the end of the day when they can finally put their work down and relax a little. But in some situations, they may feel obligated to take work home. Brandon Frere, the successful entrepreneur and CEO of Frere Enterprises, advises being careful with how often work is brought home because of how important rest is.


"A project that has been stumping someone with how to proceed might be tempting to take home, but in some cases, it may be better to leave that project at work and think about it again when you clock in next. Trying to work on it constantly may not yield the desired results while taking a break gives the mind a chance to rest and may allow for a creative solution to come forward," says Frere.


Resting and taking time to separate from work is important. Bringing work home will usually mean less time to rest, which may impact the work performance of the next workday. For a CEO it may feel harder to step away from a project even overnight, but it is just as important for a leader to get rest, too. "The work will get done one way or another, and it shouldn't mean sacrificing free time to do so. It may come down to taking a project home on some occasions, but making that a habit should be avoided," said Frere.

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