Summer Isn't the Only Time for Fitness

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As summer approaches, a lot of people are beginning the yearly cycle of worrying over a beach body and being summer ready. But health and fitness are year-round issues to keep in mind. Physical health does not always mean having the best-looking abs or having slender and toned legs. 


Each person has a different meaning of what it means to be healthy for them and their body, and that's a good thing.


But being healthy in different ways doesn't mean people have to go about exercising by themselves. Sometimes, having an exercise buddy can relieve some of the pressure of having to go to the gym. 


When there is someone to enjoy the company of most tasks seem more enjoyable, or people can get motivated with accountability by telling themselves if they don't go, their gym buddy probably won't go either. Whatever individuals and their buddies do to get to the gym, they'll be glad to have someone to share the experience with.


"I think most people have had days where the last thing on their mind was going out to exercise, but if their friend had been looking forward to going, it can make people step up into action," said Jennifer Martinez, manager at FEBC.


Another option is to skip the gym entirely, and go outside and do simpler exercises together. Hiking some local nature trails, going swimming at the neighborhood pool or even just taking a walk around the neighborhood are all fantastic options to stay fit and healthy.


However, there are a lot of benefits to going to a gym that the great outdoors doesn't have; plus gyms have different types of workouts available. Some people prefer the gym because it can have the luxury of air conditioning, but many gyms also have personal trainers at the ready to show gym-goers how to properly and safely use their machines. 


Whatever is the right way to exercise for someone though, having a buddy really can help lessen some of the boredom that is associated with trying to get physically in shape. FEBC fully supports a healthy lifestyle, whatever that is to the individual, and even offers fitness discounts to make it just that more tempting to go out and live the best life, all year round.


"A New Year's fitness resolution can happen in May, there's no shame in it. As long as you're taking care of yourself, that is what is the most important," said Martinez.

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