Super Bowl Impact On Small Businesses In Houston

KTRK Houston
Super Bowl eve should be a real touchdown for some mom and pop shops in Houston.

Airbursh artist Alex Luna said, "I'm hoping I'll do a good 20 to 30 shirts tonight." Good food and business is a universal language at Alamo Tamales and the word is out.

"You're in Texas. You got to find a good tamale right and this is the place to come," Felisha Hill said. At Not Jus' Donuts Bakery on Dowling Street baker Andrea Spears said, "I'm rooting for the Falcons."

There's no shortage of excitement for the game but it hasn't all been icing on the cake. "It's been hit or miss," said Spears. While breakfast sandwiches sold Saturday morning, Spears said, "I was expecting more a whole lot more, the bus route is not coming this way."
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