Tesla Gigafactory: New Aerial Shots Show Plant More Than Doubling

Electrek - By Fred Lambert
Back in July, Tesla officially inaugurated the first phase of its Gigafactory in Nevada – the first 4 sections of the building seen above. Now new aerial pictures show that the automaker is already well on its way to bring up the structures for 4 more sections to more than double the size of the already massive plant.

The pilot factory is about 1.9 million square feet of operational space, but those new constructions ahead of the start of battery cell production will increase that number significantly.

Tesla says that the structures going up at the South end of the factory add up to 2.5 million square feet and the new structure that is just starting to go up at the North end will add an additional 930,000 square feet.

Of course, that’s also only a fraction of the overall building once completed. Tesla aims for the Gigafactory to become the biggest building in the world by footprint at 5.8 million square feet and second largest building in the world by total square footage of over 13 million.

All that space will be used to more than double the world’s li-ion battery production with 150 GWh of potential annual capacity in order to support Tesla’s Model 3 program and its stationary energy storage products.
We sent a pilot to take some pictures to update us on the progress of this incredibly important project.
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