The Future Is in the Cloud

Valley News - The Seattle Times
In a Seattle-area conference room earlier this year, Washington state’s two largest employers started sketching out the future.

In a daylong series of meetings at Microsoft’s campus, engineers from the software company knocked heads and keyboards with their counterparts at Boeing. The goal: tapping in to Microsoft’s Azure, the software maker’s network of on-demand computing power, to build a new generation of software.

Boeing for years has made tools, from paper navigational aids to maintenance software, that help its aerospace customers fly and take care of their planes. An engineer with a record book and a manual knows roughly when to replace a part. But an engineer equipped with software that can help make sense of decades of maintenance data could do a more precise job, the thinking goes, improving aircraft maintenance and fuel consumption. Boeing is hoping to build web-based variants of its aviation analytics tools on Microsoft’s Azure.

“If you’re not building (tools) that are keeping up with your customers on a daily or weekly basis, you’re falling behind,” said Corey Sanders, a Microsoft manager who leads a cloud-computing team working with Boeing. “Because your competitors are.”

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