Tina Torres RE/MAX Lifetime Realtors

605 Chestnut St
Union, NJ 07083
United States

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm eastern time

Specialties: Listing Agent, Property Management, Interior Design
I love my job, so working everyday, doesn't feel like work. Working with sellers and gaining their trust to understand today's home value is the toughest part, although the most rewarding! My goal as a Real Estate Broker is to get the Property exposed to the maximum number of qualified buyers within a limited time frame. That being said you want to make sure the price is right! Many agents will over price a home because its what a seller wanted. That is not how our business works. As a Broker Owner I dont like things to be sitting on the market, this makes buyers wonder "Whats wrong with it?" I want it on the market and SOLD! If the home is overpriced, then qualified buyers won't see it, since it'll be priced out of their range and competing with homes that are superior in quality and upgrades. When a home is priced right, within days the buyers will all come running! Having the opportunity to pick your buyer is the ultimate goal. When a home is priced right, it will sell for asking or over!-------> Yep, when priced correctly your home can sell for asking or over!
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